LONDON IN 40 DAYS - Bildband


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(Bildband mit 390 Seiten, 25cm x 34cm (geschlossen) hochformat, 3.0kg Gewicht) 

Thomas Biasotto is a professional photographer and instructor for photography. He is conducting courses in London, New York, Paris, Rom and in Switzerland. His way of capturing moments and situations by pictures is both fascinating and captivating. Biasotto’s work is often described as „philosophical photography“.

In the summer of 2016 Thomas Biasotto walked for 40 days through the streets of London. He took 608476 steps with his Leica M Monochrom (M246) and his Leica M6. His photos and portraits captured precious moments which show real life in the city of London. 

After the success of his book „New York in 40 days“, Thomas Biasotto now releases a new book called „London in 40 days“. We hope you will enjoy reading the book. 

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